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When graphics are part of your identity and reputation, the reliability of your materials are key.  If your customer fails to prep or apply graphics correctly, they can blame you or your materials.  That scenario is less likely to happen if you know what materials to recommend.

Finding the right digital material for specific applications was so daunting that we took it upon ourselves to engineer Convex back in 1998.  Since then, we have brought many premium films to the market for specific sports and industrial applications.  All of that experience is what we put to work for you.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are you applying it to?
  • What is the environment? (MX, Football, Lacrosse, Jet Skis, Sleds, ATV’s)
  • How long does your customer want it to last? (6 mo, 1 yr, 5 yrs, longer?)
  • What is the experience level of the installer?
  • How are you going to print it? (Gerber Edge, EcoSolvent, UV, or Latex ink jet?)
  • How often will the graphics be removed and replaced?

It helps to have answers to these questions when looking through this site.

Don’t let your customers down by sacrificing quality for price.  Beware of knock-off brands.

Durable or Pliable:  Materials Make a Difference.

Remember that harder laminates can last longer, but scratching is more evident.  Pro-Shield Laminate is harder and less pliable.  Convex and Pro-Form laminates are softer and more pliable for less scratching and greater ease of application.

Convex can be applied to both high and low-energy surfaces,  therefore specific adhesives and films are matched to specific applications.

You can make thick decals that can take a real beating when you print on and laminate with compatible Convex, Pro-Shield, or new Pro-Form laminates.

For Guaranteed Compatibility and Cost Savings – Order a Combo!

All of our base media and laminates are compatible with each other, and matched combo kits are available.  Kits will simplify your ordering process and save you money.  If you know your intended application, choose your own combo kit, or call us for assistance and suggestions.  Our friendly customer service representatives are always happy to answer your questions!

Base Media

Convex vinyl is ideal for application on complex curved surfaces.

Convex comes with two main adhesives:



+ Laminates


Laminates: There are a variety of compatible laminates:



Convex Printable Media

Convex High-Bond


Convex High-Bond is used to make decals for motocross bikes and other vehicles that have low-energy plastic surfaces.

Finish: Gloss for thermal (or Matte for Inkjet)

Applications: Use Convex laminates when you need to cover complex curves (such as helmets).  Convex laminates are the softest and easiest for the average person to apply.

Convex GearWrap


Convex GearWrap is the vinyl for helmets and sport gear.

Finish: Gloss

Applications: Convex GearWrap’s adhesive is designed for high-energy surfaces (such as helmets) and is cleanly removable for up to one year.  GearWrap is a very pliable vinyl and is designed to conform to convex curves.


Convex Laminate


Convex Laminate: Convex Laminates are highly flexible and will conform to complex curves.  Convex is great for helmets, bikes, ATVs, and watercraft.  New Convex Supreme is a 5-7 year UV blocking laminate.

Finish: Gloss

Applications: Use Convex Laminates when you need to cover complex curves such as helmets.  Convex laminates are the softest and easiest for the average person to apply.

Stubbl Laminate


Stubbl is a heavily textured 18 mil-thick laminate designed for applications where you need more traction.

Finish: Rough Pebble Finish

Applications: Laminate with Stubbl where you need non-slip surfaces.

Pro-Shield Laminate

Pro-Shield Laminate: Thick, durable laminates that are flexible…but not as conformable as Convex laminates (without the aid of a heat gun).

Finish: High Gloss and Matte 7 mil

Applications: Use Pro-Shield laminates when you need more durable and glossy surfaces.  Pro-Shield laminated graphics will conform better with the aid of a heat gun when installing.

Convex Supreme UV Laminate

For longer UV protection, check out Convex Supreme UV 5-7 year laminate with UV inhibitors.

Finish: High Gloss

Applications: Long term UV applications such as watercraft and golf carts.

Compatible Printers

Gerber EDGE® thermal printer


The Gerber Edge® FX™ dominates spot-color color printing including white, chrome, and metallic colors that are used for brands and logos. Generate opaque and reflective effects impossible to achieve with other printer types. Thermal is long term UV durable.


  • Spot colors (consistent from one job to another), metallic, and white.  Flood coating.
  • Most durable production on a wider variety of materials than inkjets.  More versatile.
  • Integrated sprocket drives enable easy alignment of laminated graphics, back slitting, and die cutting (printing two sides and printing on 2nd surface).

Ink Jets


Solvent, UV, and Latex ink jets dominate fine photo-realistic and texture printing.  Limited use on clear and 2nd surface materials because inks lack opacity.


  • Wider than 12″-printing in one pass. Ideal for banners and posters.
  • Photo-realistic images and complicated art.  Most ink jets are twice the resolution of the Gerber Edge.

Summa thermal printer


Summa makes affordable wide-format thermal printers.


  • 24″ to 54″ thermal printing.  Ideal for signs, decals, and labels.
  • Spot colors (consistent from one job to another), metallic, and white.  Flood coating.
  • Most Convex products are available in compatible sizes.  Please contact us to be sure.

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