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Convex works great on low energy plastics.
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Convex™ Cold Weather
• Vinyl that conforms to complex curves
• Cold Weather adhesives can be applied freezing temperatures

Convex Cold Weather vinyl is used to make decals for cold weather applications. Although we recommend applying it above 32 degrees, customers have reported successful applications as low as 10 degrees.

Our customers have told us that Convex Cold Weather stickers and graphics have survived snowmobile wrecks where the sled was damaged but the decals were not... just re-applied after the sled was repaired.

Convex Cold Weather is also used on refrigeration equipment and refrigerator trucks where the temperature cannot easily be adjusted for application or varies too much for standard adhesives.

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Main Features

White, soft, flexible vinyl with a clear permanent acrylic adhesive. Used where application temperatures are lower than the 50° minimum of most films.

Recommended application temperature is above 32° F, but may work as low as 10° F.

Different combinations of Convex and Convex laminate can be used to achieve a variety of decal thicknesses and selling prices.