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Tough, Conformable


Most Conformable
Convex and Pro Shield Convex and Pro Shield Convex and Convex Laminate
6 mil Convex High-Bond with
12 mil Pro-Shield
MX Bikes, ATVs
6 mil Convex High-Bond with
7 mil Pro-Shield
Complex Curves &
MX Bike Numberplates
6 mil Convex High-Bond with
8 mil Convex Laminate
Complex Curves, ATVs Rhinos

Convex® Vinyl for Motocross Graphics, Decals & Stickers!

Our recommendation for motocross stickers, graphics and decals is:
Convex High-Bond with:
  • Convex laminate or
  • Pro-Shield Laminate

Convex High-Bond 6 mil is our most popular vinyl for motocross graphics.
The Pro-Shield 12 mil laminate is our most popular laminate selection for professional applicators.

Convex Twenty
Convex Laminate is softer and easier to apply for less experienced applicators.

  • Stubbl Laminate is for traction
  • Twenty is for maximum thickness
Our material for making graphics and stickers is a very conformable vinyl that can be printed on by thermal transfer or solvent inkjet printers

There are three main issues when it comes to material for motocross graphics and stickers:
  • Conforming to the curves of the bike
  • Sticking to the plastics and the metals
  • Durability - resistance to abrasion

    Convex Gearwrap enjoys great success as a material for football helmets because it is thick and conforms well.

    But Convex Gearwrap adhesive works on helmets, not on bike plastic.

    That is why we developed High-Bond adhesive. Convex with High-Bond works very well on plastic dirt bike shrouds and other hard to stick to surfaces.

    Decals and Stickers for MX bikes need to be laminated after printing to protect the graphics.

    You have a choice of laminates that are matched to the Convex High-Bond material with the right adhesive so they don't come apart. The laminates are Convex, Pro-Shield, Stubbl and Convex Twenty.
    • Convex Laminate is glossy, flexible and pliable.
    • Pro-Shield is glossy, harder, less conformable, and more abrasion resistant.
    • Twenty has the thickest protection
    • Stubbl is rough texture for traction and grasping the bike
    Convex Motocross sticker
    Convex Motocross decal
    Convex Motocross bike

    Therefore we recommend Convex as the laminate of choice for very curvy number plates (especially on the pipe side of smaller bikes). It is not as abrasion resistant as Pro-Shield.

    You can use a complete Convex construction for the whole bike, but for rougher pro-riders that wear knee braces and rub hard against the shrouds, 12 mil Pro-Shield should be the laminate of choice for a gloss look or Armalex for even more durability and a non-gloss finish.

    Some professional graphic shops choose to use the combination of High-Bond with Pro-Shield for the whole bike. But to conform to curves, Pro-Shield laminated graphics should be heated with a heat gun to make them softer and more pliable.

    Unless the consumer knows how to apply Pro-Shield laminated graphics with a heat gun, use Convex laminate and leave the Pro-Shield for the Pro applicators.

    With that said, no decal or sticker will last forever. So we are giving you choices of softness and thickness in the laminates.

    The High-Bond Convex base film for Solvent inkjets comes in 6 mil white.

    The High-Bond Convex base film for thermal transfer printers comes in 6 mil white and clear and 10 mil white on special request.