Pro-Patch™ Vinyl Printing Material

convex Pro-Patch makes decals you can sew into seats or racing suits

For Sew-On Decals

Offer your customers something truly unique: thick vinyl without adhesive that can be sewn into racing suits (butt patches), cross bar pads, seat panels, head rests, bar stools and more. Great for sponsorship placement or team logos. Pro-Patch gives you a way to stand out from the competition with a product that delivers quality and durability. Pro-Patch with Convex 10 mil laminate can also be used for indoor window cling decals.

Print on this vinyl with the Gerber Edge and laminate it with recommended Convex 8 mil or 17 mil laminate. The 8 mil is very soft and flexible for clothing; the 17 can be used for seats and areas that need to be more durable.

Once the decal is printed, you can sew Pro-Patch vinyl into garments, seats, bags or other textiles for advertising, sponsorship, or identification.

Pro-Patch with matching laminates provides a way for companies with digital printing capabilities to make custom graphics that are sealed and protected from the elements.

The picture of the road bike racer below shows several patches sewn into his suit, all the way down his back.

MX bike seat Pro-Patch

Call for your Free Samples of Pro-Patch today! Here is a seat patch, ready to be sewn into an MX bike seat.

pro-patch sewable patch

Sewable Pro-Patch lets you put sponsor logos onto race suits

How to produce graphics using the matched component materials of Convex Pro-Patch and Convex Laminate

Seat patch vinyl printing material for sew-on decalsPro-Patch is an eight mil white media that is printed right reading and then laminated with one of two matched component laminates: a very flexible Convex 8 mil high gloss clear laminate, or “twice as thick” Convex 17 mil laminate.

After lamination, the graphics can be placed in a cutter for die cutting. We recommend using the GERBER sprocket fed plotters; however Roland, Mimaki, or other vinyl cutters may be used. Once your Pro-Patch is cut, it is ready to be sewn. Just peel it off the liner for a flexible, non-adhesive patch.

There are some applications where a “flap” type safety marking may be required, such as may be found on life rafts or other inflatable devices. Pro-Patch can also be used for flexible hang tags such as luggage tags.

Offer what the others can’t with Pro-Patch!  The business is waiting for you.

Road RacerPro-Patch vinyl printing material for sew-on decals

Customer Testimonial:

I am writing to inform you that I received my Convex ProPatch Vinyl art and am very impressed with the product. First off, I want to say “thank you” to for the wonderful service and the helpful discussion I had with the company about the product. I look forward to many more interactions with you and have told numerous graphic designers about your wonderful quality and customer service.

I am a sponsored motorcycle road racer and due to the nature of the sport we are required to wear leather apparel on the racetrack in case we have any mishaps. Many road racers customize their leathers with sponsorship using embroidered patches, PVC patches, leather and other materials, but the final product is usually either expensive, low-resolution, or will not withstand the elements. Additionally, since crashes do occur quite often, the expense to replace those patches is high since sewing onto leather apparel is not an easy task and is best taken on by professionals. I took a so-called “shot in the dark” with Convex ProPatch and have been very impressed with the results. Convex Pro Patch is a sewable vinyl that can be printed in high resolution and is resistant to the outside elements. Initially, I designed the artwork using Adobe Illustrator to allow for vector files with no loss of resolution no matter of the size. I then measured the areas on the suit where I would like the patches sewn and placed my order through the online site. Once the ProPatches were received, I cut them to size, glued them onto my leather suit using a (water-based glue that would not alter the consistency of leather), and had them sewn onto the leather. The final product looked amazing! Additionally, since I have received many inquiries on how I was able to customize my leather suit in this manner, I have directed those interested to your company. Thank you so much for a wonderful product and I look forward to more interaction with your company.

Here are some pictures of the final product for your viewing pleasure.

Best Regards,

R. Alan Llenado, PhD
WSMC #35
Sponsors: Bridgestone, CM motorsports,, TrackXperience, A Thin Line

Pro-Patch vinyl printing material for sew-on decals

Why use Convex instead of a generic brand vinyl as a laminate?

Because our adhesive is compatible. We can pretty much guarantee that other laminates will come off the Pro-Patch base material within 6 months. Our unique adhesive on the 8 and 17 mil Convex laminate is the only adhesive specifically formulated to bond permanently.

Try these markets/products:

Custom Art on Motorcycle/Dirt Bike Seats and Cross Bar covers

Personalized Team Uniform Patches & Pockets

Advertising on Bar stool sides & covers

Personalized Automotive Headrests

Customized Snowmobile Seats

Made to Order Boat Covers

Custom WaterCraft Seats

Team/Sponsor Ski Vests for Wake Boarding

Customized Duffle bags and Back Packs

Football Rain Coats

Paint ball Duffle Bags

Snow board Back packs

Water Skiing Vests

Surfing Rash shirts

Extreme Sport Uniforms and Equipment

Recreational Vehicles (i.e. Boats, RV, Campers)