Convex® Vinyl—Graphics Material for Jet Skis, Boats, Water Sports Equipment

Convex GearWrap and High-Bond are great for graphics & decals for any variety of watercraft.

Both have petroleum resistant adhesives. Both are permanent; however, GearWrap will usually come off clean without adhesive transferring to the surface when you want to change the graphics. High-Bond may leave adhesive behind. That is why High-Bond is recommended for low-energy plastic and powder paint. GearWrap will do well on painted, fiberglass, and metal surfaces.

Convex Gearwrap White is a 4 year outdoor durable film. If your watercraft only sees the sun 4 months out of the year and is out of the sun the rest of the time, well…we’re sure you can do the math.

For a little bling, try Convex Chrome. Convex Chrome is a 7 year outdoor film and will not oxidize. We recommend Convex UV Supreme for a matching laminate to protect the surface from scratching.

Laminates for WaterCraft:

Convex Supreme 4 mil UV laminateconvex for graphics on water sports, jet skis, boats is stable for 5 to 7 years and contains UV inhibitors to prolong the life of your graphics. This high-gloss laminate is an excellent choice to add to Convex base films. It adds 4 mils of thickness, making the full graphic construction 8 mils thick. Slightly thicker graphics made out of pliable vinyl are easier for the average person to apply because they aren’t floppy and they don’t require application tape. For long term mail-order graphic businesses, this UV laminate is a great choice.

Regular Convex, and Pro-Shield laminates are UV stable for 2 years. Pro-Shield is harder and less pliable, but more abrasion resistant. Pro-Shield 7 mil is also available in a matte finish. The thicker laminates (7, 8, 12, and 17 mil) put more vinyl between your graphics and the elements, and generally offer more impact and abrasion resistance than thinner laminates.

Want a laminate with traction? Try Stubbl. Stubbl is a heavily textured 18 mil thick clear vinyl laminate that gives you good traction for swim platforms and water toys, but not abrasive enough to take your skin off. Stubbl can be laminated and cut with a plotter, but it is also cut by hand for custom shaped “traction patches.”