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Convex Vinyl

Convex® vinyl is manufactured by Graphic Marking Systems (just North of Chicago), and distributed worldwide via our dealer network.
We developed Convex® in 1998 to meet the demands of Gerber digital printers and contact sport helmet decals. A couple years later, we developed Convex High-Bond™ and Pro-Shield™ laminate materials for the power sports decal market and digital solvent ink jets. We are committed to continuously researching and developing media using the highest quality components sourced right here in the USA.

You can buy Convex vinyl media from our shopping cart, or from a local dealer in your area.

About Convex:

Convex VinylConvex is the brand name for a series of soft, pliable vinyl medias and laminates that we formulated for use on surfaces that have complex curves. Customers have requested different thicknesses for the wide variety of applications in the sports and durable decal markets. There are also different surfaces and surface energies that require unique adhesives. Product development exceeds expectations and requirements. We don’t cut corners; our products are the highest quality and best suited for their specific applications.

Our adhesives are custom-formulated to work together with the soft Convex vinyl. When vinyl and adhesives are not formulated to work together, components from the vinyl can migrate into the adhesive, cause it to ooze out the edges, and weaken the bond over a short period of time. The wrong adhesive/media combinations can shrink and/or come apart in as little as one month; Convex premium pressure-sensitive products will last for years.

About Your Brand:

If you have used Convex, you will notice we do not brand the liner. We could, but it won’t benefit you, because it is not your brand—having the OEM’s logo on your product only tells your customers and competitors what products you use. We encourage you to brand the liner with your own logo, to help promote your business and services to your own customers. You can use small stickers, or we have thermal ribbons made for printing onto a liner.

About the Limitations of Vinyl:

Convex media and laminates are formulated with the right amount of clear, chemical-resistant adhesives so that your decals have minimal shrinking and last for a long time.

Convex vinyl is not “shrink wrap,” but it does conform well to rounded surfaces because it has less “memory” than other vinyl. When you apply it to a helmet and rub it from the center out, you should be able to rub out the “air tunnels” that naturally appear on the complex curve. You are actually squeezing or condensing the vinyl. Of course, everything has its limits, and a strategic cut into the design may help with the application.

If any of the edges of your decal pop back up after application, there are generally two reasons: either the area where it is popping up is contaminated with something (such as grease) from the applier’s fingers, or you are trying to condense too much vinyl into an area, and something has to give.

Oversized decals (such as a 10” x 10” on a helmet) may display such symptoms. That’s where the strategic cut may be needed to relieve the pressure on the vinyl.

Is Thicker Better?

That depends on the application. Thick decals are easier to apply, and won’t wrinkle like a thin decal will. If you want the thickest decals, try our Convex 12 mil laminate. Convex 12 mil laminate looks wet and glossy after it has been applied.

You can also consider the use of the decal to decide which laminate will be best. Harder laminates can last longer, but scratching is more evident. Soft laminates are more pliable, but may not last as long under harsh conditions. Convex Laminate is soft and pliable; Pro-Shield laminate is hard and very durable. All Convex vinyl and Pro-Shield laminates are formulated to work with Convex films. If you know your intended application well, you should be able to find the right combination. You can always call us at 800-232-8018 for our recommendation.

Our goal is to provide you with the best products and technical support. When you call us, you will speak with someone who completely understands our products and can give you the advice and support that you need.