Convex Chrome lettering on vehicles

CONVEX® Chrome

Media for printing mirror-like decals, shiny up to 7 years!

Is it a mirror or a CONVEX Chrome decal? Customers will find it hard to tell the difference! Super-shiny CONVEX Chrome is mirror-shiny and won’t dull quickly the way other chrome films do. Chrome decals give a lasting 7-year reflection on outdoor surfaces. This super shiny media for printing is great for jet skis, powersport vehicles, signs, window lettering, and other UV applications. A popular choice for indoor markings, too. Not suitable for extreme, complex curves, such as those on football helmets—that’s why we made CONVEX GearWrap™!


  • Fits smoothly to curves.
  • Protective outer mask lends to a clean finish.
  • Wrinkle-resistant.
  • Shrink-resistant: will not leak adhesive or gather grime at the edges.
  • Will not oxidize like similar films.
  • High-Bond™ adhesive ensures a secure hold on low-energy surfaces such as powered-paint metals and plastic.
  • Compatible with Gerber Edge® and certain inkjet printers.
  • Cuts smoothly using any plotter, roll-fed or flatbed.


Thickness: film and adhesive are 1.5 mils each
Outdoor Life: 5-7 years
Shelf Life: 2 years; storage conditions 70ºF & 50% RH
Adhesive Properties: 1.5 mils of permanent acrylic adhesive, pressure-sensitive; for most surfaces including low-energy metal and plastic
Service Temperature Range: -40ºF-212ºF
Minimum Application Temp.: 50ºF


Both CONVEX Laminate and Pro-Shield™ Laminate give the graphics for ATVs and other powersport vehicles the impact-protection they need.

To enhance and protect the high-gloss of CONVEX Chrome media on flat surfaces, use our polyester Wet-Look™ Hard Shell UV Laminate, scratch-resistant and durable for 10 years.

For extra durability, add 4 mils of thickness to CONVEX Chrome with CONVEX Supreme™ UV Laminate. Provides 5-7 years of maximum protection.