CONVEX® Diamond GearWrap™

Rugged metallic vinyl for helmet graphics; extraordinary shine!

Diamond is a sports team’s best friend—CONVEX Diamond, that is, for shiny helmet decals! Tiny metallic flakes within this durable media catch the light and beam it out brilliantly, letting you produce eye-catching graphics that shine brighter than the other metallic vinyl products out there. Thick and flexible, CONVEX Diamond shapes easily to curves, making it a winner for applying to football helmets and other curved, high-energy surfaces. For low-energy or “hard to stick to” surfaces, we recommend CONVEX High-Bond.


  • Rugged, wrinkle-resistant; fits easily to complex curves.
  • Metallic flakes create a brilliant sheen, the brightest of all metallic vinyl media.
  • Emits through transparent resin foils, all colors (printing on opaque colors will block the shine); remains luminous when adhered to dark surfaces.
  • Designed with special adhesive for sports helmets and other high-energy surfaces.
  • Shrink-resistant: will not slough off, leak adhesive, or gather grime around the edges.
  • Initially repositionable; comes off cleanly after a full year.
  • Compatible with Gerber Edge FX, Edge II, and Edge I thermal printers; and wide-format printers.
  • Cuts smoothly using any plotter, roll-fed or flatbed.


Thickness: film is 14 mil; GearWrap adhesive is 1 mil
Adhesive Properties: 1 mil of permanent acrylic adhesive, pressure-sensitive; for most surfaces including high-energy helmets
Outdoor Life: 2 years
Shelf Life: 2 years; storage conditions 70˚F
Service Temperature Range: -40˚F-176˚F
Minimum Application Temp: 55˚F


For reliable protection against impact and abrasion, use CONVEX Laminate in 4, 8, or 12 mils.

To guard against the dulling effects of UV light, go with CONVEX Supreme™ UV Laminate. Its UV inhibitors help preserve the shine of your decals longer.