CONVEX® GearWrap™

Rugged vinyl for helmet decals; wraps smoothly around curves.

CONVEX GearWrap: tough as a linebacker, wrinkle-resistant, and smooth around curves, with an aggressive hold. Its adhesive is specially made for enamel-painted polycarbonate surfaces—football/baseball helmets, etc.—and other high-energy surfaces like stainless steel and glass. Thick, pliable, and initially repositionable, CONVEX GearWrap vinyl can be removed cleanly up to a full year.


  • Thick, rugged, wrinkle-resistant; fits easily to complex curves.
  • Designed with special adhesive for sports helmets and other high-energy surfaces.
  • Shrink-resistant: will not slough off, leak adhesive, or gather grime around the edges.
  • Initially repositionable; removes cleanly up to a year.
  • Compatible with Gerber Edge FX, Edge II, and Edge I thermal printers; and wide-format printers.
  • Cuts smoothly using any plotter, roll-fed or flatbed.


Thickness: vinyl is 4 or 8 mil; adhesive is 1 mil.
Adhesive Properties: initially repositionable; clean removal
Outdoor Life: 2 years
Shelf Life: 2 years; storage conditions 70˚F & 50% RH
Service Temperature Range: -40˚F-176˚F
Minimum Application Temp.: 50˚F


To give a professional finish and protection to high-energy applications such as football helmets, you can’t lose with CONVEX Laminate. Since it is just as flexible as GearWrap, the combination makes a decal that is tough, yet easy to apply.

Vinyl for helmet decals


CONVEX® GearWrap vinyl for helmet decals is very pliable, and adheres to helmets and other complex curves without wrinkling or buckling. The thicker the construction, the easier it is to apply. GearWrap™ adhesive is specially formulated to stay put, yet remove cleanly without residue for up to a year after it is applied. Therefore it cuts down on the labor that is involved in refurbishing helmets and replacing decals.

Download Convex Helmet Application Instruction Sheet

decal-apply-close-upWhen CONVEX GearWrap is applied to a helmet and rubbed from the center out, you should be able to rub out the “air tunnels” (squeezing or condensing the vinyl). With that said, everything has its limits. A strategic cut into an oversized design may help with the application. GearWrap vinyl is available for thermal printers in 4 and 8 mil clear or white. For wide-format inkjets, GearWrap is available in 4 or 8 mil white.