CONVEX® High-Bond

Vinyl media that sticks and stays on plastic, low-energy surfaces.

For low-energy or “hard to stick on” surfaces, you need media with high-performing adhesive. CONVEX High-Bond vinyl features a permanent acrylic adhesive strong enough to take on anything powersport vehicles (dirt bikes, ATVs) or industrial/business machinery (tractors, ATMs) can throw at it. If you need super-stick power, get CONVEX High-Bond.


  • Thick and pliable; fits easily to complex curves.
  • High-Bond adhesive ensures a secure hold on low-energy surfaces such as powered-paint metals and plastic.
  • Wrinkle-resistant on complex curves when laminated with Pro-Shield™ or CONVEX laminate.
  • Shrink-resistant: will not slough off, leak adhesive, or gather grime at the edges.
  • Compatible with Gerber Edge FX, Edge II, and Edge I thermal printers; and wide-format printers.
  • Cuts smoothly using any plotter, roll-fed or flatbed.


Thickness: vinyl is 3.8 mil; adhesive is 2 mil.
Adhesive Properties: 2 mils of permanent acrylic adhesive, pressure-sensitive; for most surfaces, including low-energy metal and plastic
Outdoor Life: 2 years
Shelf Life: 2 years; storage conditions 70˚F & 50% RH
Service Temperature Range: -40˚F-176˚F
Minimum Application Temp.: 50˚F

Count on Pro-Shield™ Laminate to protect graphics on motocross bikes and other powersport vehicles. Rely on Tuff-Cover™ Laminate to protect media on heavy machinery and other industrial applications.

The Combo Kit for CONVEX High-Bond includes both the media and the laminate and saves you money!