CONVEX® Lacrosse and Hockey

Vinyl media for lacrosse and hockey helmets

Vinyl media for lacrosse and hockey helmets

Cold weather sports have their own problems when it comes to decals on helmets and other equipment. Team logos and player numbers can crack or peel off when the vinyl isn’t up to the challenge. Introducing a new CONVEX® media, specifically formulated for plastic Lacrosse and hockey helmets. CONVEX Lacrosse and hockey is the same high performing, easy to apply vinyl, with a more aggressive adhesive for plastic. You can apply it even when it’s cold; perfect for work at the ice rink or in early spring weather. This specialty media is an 8 mil clear base media with a clear adhesive to allow the color of the helmet to show through. The aggressive adhesive will stay stuck through the cold weather without becoming brittle.

This CONVEX Vinyl media for lacrosse and hockey helmets is formulated for printing on the Gerber Edge. When you want to add more protection against hard hits and falls, it is fully compatible with all CONVEX and Pro-Shield laminates.

Available in 15” and 30″ widths, in lengths of 5, 10, and 50 yard rolls.



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