Convex Supreme UV vinyl protective laminate

CONVEX® Supreme UV Vinyl Protective Laminate

Want to be sure your decals last longer in the sun?  Use CONVEX Supreme UV laminate.

CONVEX Supreme UV is specially formulated to give you the best combination of UV durability and ease of application. This UV protective vinyl laminate is also petroleum resistant, making it perfect for watercraft and other applications where splashing fuel may occur. At 4 mil, it is the right thickness to make graphics that would otherwise wrinkle, easy to apply. CONVEX Supreme UV is high gloss and crystal clear. Give graphics 5-7 years of UV protection by offering your customers CONVEX Supreme Laminate as an up-sell!

Use CONVEX Supreme with all of your favorite CONVEX base medias. CONVEX High-Bond and GearWrap benefit greatly from this tough laminate when there is an outdoor application that will get a lot of sun exposure.

Convex Supreme Vinyl UV protection laminate

CONVEX Supreme UV laminate keeps graphics on outdoor vehicles and power sports equipment looking pristine and bright.

  • Highly conformable to complex curves
  • Supreme is 5- 7 year UV durable vinyl laminate with UV inhibitors
  • Makes Wrap Graphics easier for the end user to apply
  • Petroleum resistant
  • High-Gloss Finish
  • Available in 4 mil from 13″ to 60″ wide