Pro-Shield™ Durable Power Sports Laminate

Resists Failure In Abusive Applications. Thick. Tough. Durable.

Pro-Shield™ is the solution for plastics on MX bikes that receive a tremendous amount of abrasion from boots & knee braces. Many professional shops choose to use the combination of CONVEX® High-Bond with Pro-Shield durable power sports laminate for the whole bike, because they can mold the Pro-Shield to almost any shape with the aid of a heat gun.

  • Crystal clear
  • Heavy duty, abrasion-resistant laminate
  • Developed to be the most durable power sports laminate for shrouds and other areas that receive high abrasion from boots and knee braces.
  • Pro-Shield comes in 7 and 12 mil thicknesses.

durable power sports laminate


Thickness, 7 & 12 mil 5.5 mil vinyl with 1.5 mil of adhesive, 12 mil vinyl with 1.5 mil of adhesive
Outdoor Life 2 years
Shelf Life 1 year stored at 70º F & 50%RH
Adhesive Properties High Performance permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive works on most surfaces.
Service Temperature Range -40º F to 176º F
Minimum Application Temp. 50º F