MotoWrap™ Vinyl for Snowmobile Graphics and Decals

MotoWrap has a soft adhesive that stays stuck in the cold.

When you need a vinyl for snowmobile graphics or other powersports equipment that will be exposed to the cold, try MotoWrap! Our most economical vinyl is also one of the best for applying to plastics and curved surfaces. MotoWrap’s adhesive can be counted on for easy application and durability, even in the winter.

We offer different laminates that are compatible with MotoWrap:

CONVEX Laminate or

• Pro-Shield 7 mil Gloss or Matte Laminate

CONVEX Laminate is softer and easier to apply for less experienced applicators.

Pro-Shield is a bit stiffer and popular selection for professional applicators. Pro-Shield is now available in a matte finish.

Sled decals don’t generally need the same high abrasion and impact durability of MX decals, but there are more severe and complex curves to fit the graphics on. Sled owners should be aware that extreme cold temperatures make plastic and vinyl brittle, so MotoWrap should not be used for seat graphics.

Motowrap for snowmobile graphics and decals