Non-Slip Laminate For Traction on Power and Water Sports Equipment

You wouldn’t believe a textured laminate could be so clear! For any application that needs to provide grip for walking or non-slip traction, Stubbl is the perfect choice. This deeply textured, non-slip laminate for traction is 18 mils thick and very clear, with a long lasting, high-strength adhesive.

Stubbl exceeds OSHA and ADA Standards for non-slip protection on hazardous surfaces. Certified as “High Traction” by the NFSI

Laminate Stubbl to products where ever extra grip is needed, like floor graphics, counters, or power sports equipment. Stubbl will work wet or dry, so wind surf boards, boat decks, hot tubs, and other wet applications are no problem. And Stubbl is completely clear, so you can put it over graphics without ruining the colors or the look of the piece.

Heavily textured Stubbl non-slip laminate for traction

Stubbl non-slip laminate for traction

People use Stubbl non-slip laminate for traction on floor graphics, laminated countertops, hot tubs, boats, MX bikes, sail boards, and more. Where will you use it?