CONVEX Vinyl Products

CONVEX Vinyl Conformable Media and Laminates for Creating Thick, Durable Decals!

Base Media

CONVEX vinyl is ideal for applying to complex curved surfaces.


These laminates are compatible with our CONVEX base media vinyls.

Finished Construction

You can use any combination of CONVEX Vinyl media, laminates and adhesives to fit your needs; all of the media and laminates are compatible.

Look under “USES” in the menu for specific recommendations based on your application.


CONVEX GearWrap is the vinyl for helmets and sport gear.

Finish: Gloss for thermal printers and inkjets.

Applications: CONVEX is designed for complex curves, and GearWrap adhesive is designed for high-energy surfaces such as helmets and painted metal surfaces. CONVEX GearWrap is cleanly removable for up to one year. GearWrap adhesive is ideal for the process of refurbishing or relabeling helmets because clean removal reduces labor.

Convex vinyl conformable media

CONVEX Diamond sparkling metallic vinyl for helmets and other detailing applications.

Finish: Gloss for thermal and ink jet printers

Applications: Flexible CONVEX Diamond sparkles and shines brilliantly for flashy decals. Made with GearWrap adhesive, so you can remove it cleanly for up to one year after application.

Convex Vinyl media, laminates, MX decals

CONVEX High-Bond is the choice for high quality decals for motocross bikes and other vehicles with low energy plastic surfaces.

Finish: Gloss and Matte for thermal printers and ink jets.

Applications: This material is ideal for high-quality durable markings or decals on MX bikes, ATV’s, and golf carts, as well as ATMs, outdoor power equipment, and other interior and exterior markings.

Convex vinyl conformable media

CONVEX Lacrosse & Hockey for cold weather sports and application to plastics and helmets.

Finish: Glossy for thermal and ink jet printers

Applications: Thick and flexible, this vinyl sticks to plastics, even in cold environments.


Convex Vinyl media, laminates, power sports decals

Motowrap: gives you excellent high-bond adhesion to plastics, and will stay on even in frigid weather.

Finish: Gloss for thermal printers and ink jets.

Applications: MotoWrap is great for Sleds and other machines that feel the cold. It conforms to the complex curves of MX bikes and ATV fenders. It is also compatible with MotoWrap, and Pro-Shield laminates. MotoWrap™ gives you the best mix of economy, adhesion and conformability to compete in the fast-paced decal market.


Pitbull™ is the vinyl with adhesive that won’t let go.

Finish: Gloss for thermal printers and ink jets.

Applications: Pitbull is ideal for LSE applications such as pelican cases and motorsport vehicles. It also works on coolers and other textured plastic surfaces. Due to the aggressiveness of the adhesive, wet application techniques may be preferred. Pitbull vinyl may not remove cleanly from surfaces so – on MX plastics – it may be advantageous to sell new plastic with the decals already installed.

PlaStick has extra-aggressive adhesive that will stay stuck no matter where you put it.

Finish: Glossy for thermal and ink jet printers

Applications: Use PlaStick for permanent adhesion to almost any smooth surface. For motosports and any other application where durability is a concern, PlaStick stays put.


Convex vinyl conformable media

CONVEX Laminate: CONVEX Laminate is highly flexible and will conform to complex curves. CONVEX is available in 4, 8, 12 mil laminates.

Finish: Gloss

Applications: Great for complex curves on helmets, hard hats, and other complex curved surfaces. CONVEX laminates are the softest and easiest for the average person to apply.


Pro-Shield Laminate: Thick, durable laminates that are flexible but not as conformable as CONVEX Laminate.

Finish: High Gloss and Matte

Applications: Use Pro-Shield Laminates when you need more durable, glossy surfaces. Pro-Shield laminated graphics will conform better with the aid of a heat gun when installing.

Stubbl is a heavily textured 18 mil thick laminate designed for applications where you need more traction.

Finish: Rough Pebble Finish

Applications: Laminate with Stubbl where you need non-slip surfaces.

CONVEX Supreme UV laminate for outdoor applications

CONVEX Supreme UV For outdoor applications

Finish: Glossy

Applications: Use CONVEX Supreme for watercraft and other outdoor applications that will get a lot of UV exposure. Supreme keeps colors bright and clear for 5-7 years.


Gerber EDGE Printer

Gerber EdgeFX thermal printer, for Convex vinyl

The Gerber Edge® FX dominates spot-color color printing with opaque, mirror, and metallic colors used for brands and logos. Generate opaque and reflective effects impossible to achieve with other printer types. Thermal is the most durable printing method.


  • Spot colors (consistent from one job to another), metallics, and white. Flood coating.
  • Most durable production on a wider variety of materials than ink jets. More versatile.
  • Integrated sprocket drives enable easy alignment of laminated graphics, back slitting and die cutting, printing two sides, and printing on 2nd surface.



Solvent & Eco-Solvent, UV, and Latex ink jets dominate in finer photo realistic and texture printing.


  • Wider than 12″ printing in one pass. Ideal for banners and posters.
  • Photo realistic images and complicated art.

Summa Printer


Summa Thermal Printers are wide format thermal printers.


  • Wider than 12″ printing in one pass. Ideal for banners and posters.
  • Some printers may not be compatible – contact us to be sure.