CONVEX® Vinyl for MX Decals & Graphics

Combine CONVEX Media + Laminate to Create Thick Durable Decals


CONVEX vinyl media for MX decals gives you everything you need for printing decals and stickers for dirt bike plastics and other hard-to-stick-to surfaces. Whether you use thermal transfer, solvent, eco-solvent, latex, or UV inkjet printers, CONVEX will do the job! Offer your customers the premium material for shroud graphics, number plates, and other stickers. Because many people want to keep an inventory onhand, CONVEX has an excellent shelf life. And it won’t shrink or ooze adhesive at the edges over time.

There are four main things to consider with materials for motocross graphics and stickers:

  • Conforming to the curves of the bike
  • Sticking to the plastics and metals
  • At least a 2 year shelf life
  • Durability – resistance to abrasion


We offer a choice of laminates that have just the right adhesive so they don’t come apart:

  • CONVEX 4, 8, or 12 mil – very conformable, soft and easy to work with.
  • Pro-Shield – very abrasion resistant, glossy, and less conformable.
  • Stubbl – rough texture for traction and grasping the bike.

CONVEX Laminate is best for very curvy number plates (especially on the pipe side of smaller bikes). It conforms more easily to sharp curves.

For rougher riders who wear knee braces and rub hard against the shrouds, 12 mil Pro-Shield gives great durability and a high-gloss finish. Pro-Shield laminated graphics should be heated with a heat gun to make them more pliable for wrapping around curved surfaces.

Convex Media

Convex High-Bond conformable vinyl media

CONVEX vinyl media for MX decals is ideal for applying to complex curved surfaces.

We make CONVEX with two main adhesives:


  • Pitbull – Amazing Adhesion, graphics will be permanent!
  • Motowrap – Best Economy



Laminates: There are five compatible laminates:



CONVEX base materials are available in a variety of constructions. Both base materials and laminates are specifically made to apply over the curves of modern bikes, helmets, and powersports gear. All the materials are available in short rolls so you can decide what’s right for you.



6 mil CONVEX High-Bond

with 12 mil Pro-Shield


MX Bikes, ATVs

Tough, Conformable


6 mil CONVEX High-Bond

with 7 mil Pro-Shield


Complex Curves & MX Bike Numberplates


Gerber EDGE FX Thermal Printer

The Gerber Edge FX dominates spot-color color printing with opaque, mirror, and metallic colors. Generate special effects that are impossible with other types of printers. Thermal is the most durable form of printing.


  • Spot colors (consistent from one job to another), metallics, and white. Flood coating.
  • The most durable production on a huge variety of specialty materials. More versatile thank an ink jet printer.
  • The sprocket feed allows for easy alignment of laminated graphics for back slitting and die cutting or printing two sides.

Summa Thermal Printer


Summa printers are wide format thermal printers.

  • Because some printers my not be compatible, please contact us to verify.

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